About Us

Founded in the year 2005 as a premiere concierge service for exotic car owners and watch collectors.

VIP Motoring has evolved into one of today's most exclusive Luxury Concierge Services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to eliminate the fears associated with luxury lifestyle for our clients.

We provide an all in one solution for just about anything lifestyle related. From our in house car design studio to the private coaching we offer to help educate our clients. We take the luxury lifestyle experience to new heights.

Since there are many concierge services, and many car tuning shops out there we wanted to create a unique experience that no one else could ever surpass.

Even though we welcome new clients to reach us and discuss their needs, we also cannot guarantee we will accept you into our program. We are very selective as to which clients we take on and selective about the services we cater to them.
"I guarantee amazing value with every interaction,
and every request."
- Pejman Ghadimi / CEO